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Thy Kingdom Come Events

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¨     Sunday 28th May Pentecost themed artwork taking place during the morning services & available all week for contributions

¨     Monday 29th May Morning Prayer 9.15 am

¨     Tuesday 30th May Morning Prayer 9.15 am

¨     Wednesday 31st May Holy Communion 9.15 am

¨     Thursday 1st June Morning Prayer 9.15 am

¨     Thursday 1st June Join the music worship group for praise and prayer 7.30 – 8pm

¨     Friday 2nd June Pause for Prayer 10.45am

¨     Pentecost Sunday 4th June morning – preacher Rev Andy Jolley, Archdeacon of Bradford


And all week (25th May – 4th June):

¨     Pray for 5 people known to you, that they will discover a living faith

¨      Use a Novena prayer booklet (for a small donation)

¨     Takeaway Prayers’ Prayer resources for families to use during the half-term holiday (available to take away from May 21st)

¨     Prayer Stations in church, including some areas specifically for children to pray in

Lawrence at Matugga


The Revival Centre Matugga

Lawrence (our children and youth worker) is currently at Matugga in Uganda, together with some Disciple Year students from the New Wine programme.  Its being a busy, challenging and uplifting trip. A highlight has been the three hour very energetically attended church service on Sunday (15 May) where Lawrence spoke. The team have visited the source of the Nile with Bishop Ivan and his family and loved seeing the hectic and colourful country.

Lawrence and the DY Students have been busily working on painting and renovating the children’s play area and the school buildings and making time to play football with the children in their break times.

They have learned so much already about reaching into areas of great need – and will have much to reflect upon when they return on Monday.

With no wi-fi based communication – we’ve received this update from Jem (Lawrence’s wife) who would like to say a huge thank you to those who have prayed for Lawrence in Mattuga;  for them as a family, for the cottage pies, dog walks, shopping and general encouragement while Lawrence has been away. It has been really touching and made a huge difference.

Ilkley Trail Race – Bank Holiday Monday 29th May

Don’t forget the annual Ilkley Trail Race a week on Monday. Please come and support, donate, and get involved. We would be grateful for any help on the day, marshalling, cakes and runners (adult and children).

The trail race will as usual raise money for Matugga

Please click on Matugga to visit their website and find out more information and ways to get involved.

Thank you

Lawrence and Jemma Basham


Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Evening

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 Wednesday 31st May – 7.15pm

“I cannot remember in my life anything that I’ve been involved in where I have sensed so clearly the work of the Spirit “- Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus.  What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.  

As a church we’re gathering on Wednesday 31st May, from 7.15pm  so that along with other churches and communities around the world we can pray for our friends, families and neighbours to come to know Jesus Christ and to pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit for effective witness.

This is an important evening for prayer, and we warmly invite and encourage you to join with us.

Jamming with God

jam with God

Sunday 18th June – 6pm-8pm

Lots of folk have been talking over the last couple of months about an opportunity for an informal musical worship session – and so we begin this third Sunday in June.

Jamming with God is…

  • a chance to play and sing with “freedom” – without the need to practice for Sunday
  • opportunity to try new things – instruments, harmonies, technical stuff, riffs and rhythms!
  • opportunity to play/sing with and learn from all the members of our group without constraints
  • bring friends, families, folk who may want to give musical worship a try in anyway or just to “be and listen”. The time we hope will enable any young people who go to Release to be able to pop in for a try if they like
  • generally, a fun Jamming Session with Worship music at the centre

This will be a very  fluid and work in progress session..

Lots of feedback is needed and welcomed so that we can mould this session into whatever will work best for us as a church.

The hope is that whether two or twenty turn-up, it will be a brilliant session!  

Please come and join us on the 18th June.

When did you meet Jesus?

 Personal responses to the question asked in our All Age Worship on April 30th 2017

When I met

“I met with Jesus after I had asked him into my life.  The bible, up to then was just a history book, but the words came alive.  I have never been the same since – I am truly alive now.”

“I knew I’d never be the same again after Jesus chose to confirm my faith in Him by completely enveloping me in His warm, comforting love.  This was my baptism in the Holy Spirit – some thirty odd years ago – 10 days after my commitment to Him after months of truth seeking.  That day – the word from the pulpit was just for me, ‘faith and trust.’ “

“I met Jesus when I got hurt playing for Burley Oaks FC.”

“I meet with Jesus when I walk the dog late at night.  Sometimes he is there strong and focussed.  Often there is just a vague sense of presence.  And sometimes he just doesn’t come.  Or maybe it’s me who isn’t sometimes really there.  When its strong it’s always surprising.”

” ‘Your car keys are not in Costa Coffee, but Church House’ he said!”

“I met Jesus just before Easter when walking in the Dales and also in the centre of Bradford with the homeless.”

“I met Jesus when I was walking up the hill, thinking about something.”

“I met Jesus when He spoke to me through the Bible and challenged me to allow Him to change the way I thought about things:  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.”

“I meet Jesus when I read my bible and pray.”

These are just a selection from the written down and gathered in responses from the All Age Worship on the 30th – to read through the full collection please click here

Thy Kingdom Come

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25 May – 4 June 2017

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer ovement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ.

There are specific events planned both at All Saints Ilkley and elsewhere and for this and more information – please click here.

For further information go to

Tour De Yorkshire


Sunday 30th April – 12.48pm approx

Why not stay on after the APCM to enjoy the caravan and race which is the Tour De Yorkshire, the race scheduled to pass by at 12.48 approx.  Our bells will be ringing and there will be some children’s games organised by Lawrence.

Local businesses will be serving take-away food – Lishmans we know will be having a barbecue.  Take advantage of the perfect vantage point to watch this exciting event.

World Watch List


Open Doors

Every year, Open Doors produces the World Watch List, detailing the countries where Christians face the most severe persecution. This month, let’s pray for the top 25 places (5 each week) where faith costs the most:

Week 2

  • Syria – for strength and courage for Christians still living in places dominated by Islamic State and for those who have had to flee.
  • Iraq – for peace and stability so that all Christians can return home and for healing from the traumas of war.
  • Iran – for the release of many Christians in prison, and for the faith to share God’s love with guards and inmates while they wait.
  • Yemen – for protection for the small, fragile church and for God to touch the hearts of radical Islamists.
  • Eritrea – for endurance for the thousands of Christians imprisoned and a softening of the harsh regime.

Week 1.

  • North Korea – for protection and rescue for 300,000 Christians, living as either secret believers or as prisoners in labour camps.
  • Somalia – for peace and courage for those who believe in Christ despite the constant threat of death and attack.
  • Afghanistan – for an end to conflict and to the law that makes it illegal to be a Christian.
  • Pakistan – for protection for the 700 Christian women and girls who are abducted every year and forced to convert to Islam.
  • Sudan – for the government to allow freedom of religion and stop falsely arresting Christians.

Sunday 30th April – 9.30am


Annual Parish Church Meeting

Our Annual Parish Church Meeting with Holy Communion  will be on  Sunday 30th April at 9.30am. Croissants and cover will be served from 9.00am – please do come and enjoy.

There will be no 11am service or Dotty Saints service that morning, the 8am Holy Communion service will happen as normal.

Our APCM is an important meeting here at All Saints, it gives us the opportunity to celebrate God’s activity amongst us over the last year and elect new members to our Parochial Church council (PCC) and our local Deanery Synod.

PCC and Deanery Reps

We hold approximately nine PCC meetings (normally on a 2nd Monday evening of the month) annually and there are five PCC places available. Three of these PCC appoitnments would be for three years, the others for less. Those elected would normally have an interest in a significant area of church life and ministry or be prepared to do so. There are four Deanery places (three year term) with Deanery reps automatically being members of the PCC and with Deanery Synod meeting three times within the year.  Please be aware that there is a PCC training event on the evening of the 3rd May and a PCC away-day at Scargill House on Saturday 6th May. The first PCC meeting of the new council will be on Monday 8th May with a prompt 7.45pm start beginning with worship, prayer and spiritual reflection. Please speak to Patrick Bateman (chair) Jonathan Wright (vice chair) Nic Hodson (secretary) if you would like to know more about what is involved.

After this year’s APCM

After the APCM please stay on for the Tour De Yorkshire, and watch as the caravan and the race go past All Saints.  The cyclist’s  leave Bradford at 12.15pm with them anticipated to be in Ilkley at approximately 12.30pm. Please note there will be no road closures in the morning affecting coming to church, there will be rolling road closures 25 mins before it arrives. Further details to follow.

Seder Meals


Maundy Thursday@Home –  13th April

We are encouraging groups and life groups to have a Seder Meal in their homes for church family and wider family in the community.

In celebrating the Seder meal we remember God’s rescue of the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt and celebrates the life and death of Jesus who still rescues us today.

There are three key elements to this meal: the story, the toasts, and obviously the food!

The Story: Parts of the story will be told at the start, before the main course, and before dessert.

The Food: The food reflects the story so that through it we can relive the excitement and action of these great events which have changed world history.

The Toasts: The toasts give us the opportunity to briefly and naturally remember and thank God for his hand in the events of history, but also of our own lives here and now.  A short toast will be proposed, for which we may respond with the traditional Christian “Amen!”, or “Cheers!”, both responses being a way of agreeing with the toast proposed.

It’s a chance to relax, enjoy food, being immersed in a story which touches and which can change each of us.

If you are interested in organising a Seder meal as a group, please speak to Steve Proudlove who has simple and accessible resources that would make this very easy to do –