Finding connections with God - Father Son and Holy Spirit

Activities for children and young people

All Saints’ has children of all ages who are active and valued members of our church family and we provide a fun, safe place where children can make their own connections with God. We do this on a Sunday morning through ‘Saints’

  • Tiny Saints

    Babies and toddlers  – 0- 2 years (red)- we’re in the Side Chapel during the 11am service. A place for parents with their babies and toddlers to come. We sing songs with lots of actions and props, have a story, a prayer – we play with toys and chat.

  • Little Saints

    Pre-school – 2-5 years  (orange) – we’re in the Little Saints room, close to main church, during the 11am service. In Little Saints we play with toys; We love to tell stories, sing songs, pray and make crafts based around the Bible story. We love to share a plate of fruit.

  • Saints

    Primary to early secondary school age groups.  5-6yrs (yellow), 7-8yrs (green) 9-10yrs (blue) 11 – 13 (purple) –

    Doors open and registration from 10.45am in Church House. Loads of games and toys to play with. Everyone helps to tidy away  and then you get to sit with other children your age.

    We hear about Jesus – what he did, what he said. After that we make things, we pray together, play team games, eat fruit and biscuits.